The Year Was 1998

Not necessarily the best year I’ve ever lived, but it was definitely one of the more memorable…

  • Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich almost guaranteed that the US would never make another Godzilla movie.
  • I met the love of my life, and mother of my children in a bar.  (More on that at a later date.)
  • I decided I wanted an online identity.

At that point I wasn’t even sure what an online identity was.  I just knew it sounded cool.  The first step was to see if I could acquire a web domain.  Once I realized that web stuff was not cheap I decided a free page was for me.  So I created a page on Angelfire.  Remember them? I created myself a little logo and everything.

But there is only so much you can do with free.  So the following year Will, a buddy of mine, set me up with I was now free to be me online. (Well, the other sense of “free” anyway.)  Bad language and bad attitude all over the place.  My fucked up sense of humor was out there for all to enjoy.

Then something rather unexpected happened: I got a job at a Catholic high school.  The students knew me as ABG.  (Or, in the case of one of my students, “teacher.”) I figured I couldn’t have a site like that since I was just about positive one of my students would find it and hilarity would ensue.  When the registration expired I chose not to renew.  It seemed the smart thing to do.

After my stint at the high school ended I realized something else rather unexpected had happened: SOMEONE ELSE HAD PROCURED MY WEBSITE!!

Somebody selling books had my domain name.  What the fuck?!?

I tried a couple of other domain names over the years but nothing really seemed to stick.

Well, that joker’s registration was set to expire in March of this year.  I continued to check on it and, after 3 months in limbo, it finally became available.

Which brings us to today.

I got my domain back.  I will never let it go again.

Welcome home,  Did you miss me?  I sure as shit missed you.

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