Spoiler Alert

I’m going to post my movie reviews. And by reviews I mean I’m gonna talk about the whole movie beginning to end. There will be major spoilers so I suggest you only read them if you’ve already seen the movie or just don’t give a shit.

My plan is to watch 3-5 movies a week. Preferably movies I’ve not seen or, at the very least, ones I haven’t watched in a long time. Each week will have a theme.

January’s themes as follows:

  • Week ending 1/6: Numbers
    • Haha.  Funny how life has a nasty habit of getting in the way. Between rehearsals, being sick, and helping move my son’s stuff out of storage this week was a no-go.  (1/8/2018)
  • Week ending 1/13: Colors
  • Week ending 1/20: Places
  • Week ending 1/27: Animals